Equal_u_horiz_logoEquity U is a full length narrative after a gathering of 33 youthful activists on the Soulforce Uniformity Ride, a first of its kind, two-month, crosscountry visit to defy antigay separation approaches at 19 traditionalist religious and military universities. It is a human story of a gathering of youngsters attempting to support what they accept is correct. Against the scenery of the Equity Ride, the film concentrates on seven of the "Balance Riders" and two fearless understudies they experience along their voyage. The Riders, drove by Jacob Reitan (23) and Sanctuary Herrin (23), must grapple with their new part as youthful activists, manage inside clash inside the gathering, and face the day by day assault from managers that don't need them on their grounds. Keeping in mind the majority of the youthful Riders distinguish as Christian, not every one of them do as such in the same route, if by any stretch of the imagination.

At every stop, the Riders exercise "steady peaceful resistance" and regularly face capture for trespassing. They must face the questionable inquiry: "Do schools eventually have the privilege to choose who does and doesn't have a place?" However even in the most apparently unwelcoming grounds, the Riders discover straight understudies who are keen on a dialog.

Can this little gathering of activists sow the seeds of dialog as their transport moves down the parkway? By what method will the street transform them? For the Riders that distinguish as both Strange and Christian, in what manner will the excursion challenge or change their confidence? Also, what happens to the outed gay understudies they experience and after that desert?

Joining verite footage, meetings, and individual feature diaries recorded by the six focal Riders themselves, Equity U concentrates on the individual stories of our lead characters and the excursions they take amid this raid into activism. The story gets through their eyes. They'll commit errors and they'll have clash with the outside world and amongst themselves. Fairness U takes a gander at their own battles throughout the span of the whole visit, permitting us a cozy representation of a gathering of youngsters on the front line of social change.